Office Assistant

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President, Program Manager, Shop Manager, Office Manager


  • Perform office work.


  • General Responsibilities:
    • Maintain records in an organized, accurate, and current manner.
    • Prepare and/or type reports from raw data or from materials personally organized.
    • Enter and retrieve data from computer system.
    • Communicate effectively with other SMA employees.
    • Evaluate work functions and recommend improvements.
    • Make required copies.
  • Purchasing Responsibilities:
    • Assist Purchasing Agent as assigned.
    • Coordinate and enter orders for heat treating, and other outside processes..
    • Maintain and update files and databases as they pertain to materials acquisition.
    • Verify outside process costs with PO and RFQ.
    • File POs and distribute appropriately; making sure all POs have prices before distribution.
  • Accounting Responsibilities:
    • Assist Office Manager as assigned.
    • Prepare invoices for distribution and mail appropriate copies to customers as assigned.
    • Communication Services (Receptionist) Responsibilities:
    • Receive, greet and register visitors to SMA in a friendly manner.
    • Provide guest safety glasses and notify the person being visited.
    • Receive incoming calls in a pleasant manner. Record and route all telephone messages, if necessary.
    • Maintain front lobby in a neat and attractive fashion; request janitorial services for the lobby and front walk when needed.
    • Remain on duty except during scheduled breaks.
    • Ensure appropriate answering machine use.
    • Open and deliver mail to appropriate employees.
    • Implement communication control policy.
    • Assure security of all corporate communication.
    • Arrange for copy machine repairs as needed.
  • Quality Responsibilities:
    • Maintain RR, Certificate of Conformance and database.
    • Distribute RRs to appropriate personnel.
    • Assist Quality Manager generating reports.
    • File and maintain quality records, if necessary.
    • Scanner Responsibilities:
    • Scan files as assigned.
    • Maintain files with identification.
    • Perform other filing assignments as assigned.
  • Other Responsibilities:
    • Assist President and Managers as assigned.
    • Perform scanning functions.


  • High School Degree or equivalent.
  • Able to lift 30 pounds minimum on a regular basis.



  • Six (6) months experience in office position.
  • OJT provided, if necessary.


  • Basic Skills

Level of Responsibility:

  • General responsibilities outlined in the Range of Responsibilities and any other assigned responsibility identified by the President and Managers.